Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Update/Blogging Intensity

Another blast of posts. Why? Well last week I went to Eau Claire to find a place to live (Flickr photos to follow some day soon). As a result I had some airplane/airport travel time and was able to type up some pending posts. I've cleaned up my electronic notes, and now most of my print "save for blogging" items.

As one of today's three posts notes, the days are getting short. With the Thanksgiving holiday in the middle, I have only eight more work days before departure.

Meanwhile at home, live proceeds on a faster pace. While in Eau Claire, I ordered a new boiler. The plumber will come tomorrow to check for what parts he needs, and then will install it on Saturday. We've finished stripping and painting all the doors, and now the trim in the master bed room. I just need to pull some electrical wiring. Then it's time for scraping the ceiling and patching the walls before the final paint. Hope to get all but the scraping and painting done before I leave. If I am lucky, we might get the ceiling done. If I get the wall patching done, I can leave the wall painting to Jill and Brian. We'll see. Stay tuned here and for Flickr photos.

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