Thursday, November 30, 2006

Blogging on the Road: Day One

My last day at work was actually at the first meeting of the Bridgeport Alliance for Young Children. It was held at the North Branch of the Library, and since I committed to it, I was there to open up for the caterer, and to do my part of the program. I was worried when I saw that gift basket carried into the building, and my suspicions were was a gift for me!

I headed out after the meeting with my packed car and trailer. After a short stop in Norwalk to say a last good-bye, I hit I-95 at about 12:15 pm. I was happy, only 15 minutes behind my self-imposed schedule.

Traffic was stop-and-go until Stamford, and then cleared out pretty well for the rest of the day. Because of the trailer, I could not take the Merritt Parkway, and took I-95 into New York, then I-287 (Cross-Westchester) across the Tappan Zee Bridge and on into New Jersey. I got to I-80, and that's what I'll be taking all the way to Chicago! (Go ahead, do a web direction search on a trip from Bridgeport to Eau Claire....of the total trip of about 1,100 miles, there are 727 miles on I-80, and another 239 miles on I-94 [that's tomorrow].) I'll be spending tonight with Nann Blaine Hilyard, Publibber and ALA Exec. Board colleague. Then on to Eau Claire!

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