Friday, November 03, 2006

The Trouble with Leaving + Friday Funny!

Leaving somewhere is bittersweet. I've started packing at both home and work. Folks at work are beginning to realize that it is real. After today, I have only 13 more work days. I'm going to Eau Claire to find a place to live and taking 2 days off for that (plus the Veteran's Day Holiday) plus have 2 days for the Thanksgiving Holiday. It is coming soon.

Here is the Friday Funny:

A recent email to "all staff" asked: If you get a scrape, a cut, a boo boo, or whatever you would call it....which is your preference to use? Rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide?

My answer:

Well the hydrogen peroxide does that great foaming thing....that is a wonderful effect, but for patient reaction, alcohol is better. So, it depends is the cut on me, on someone I like, or someone I don't like?

A quick witted fellow staff member also replied:

Yes, but on the western movies they DRINK the alcohol and use the branding iron for the woundÂ…Â…

I'm going to miss this staff and their humor. I'm sure that the folks in Eau Claire will be loads of fun. One of the things I am doing on my visit is joining their Reference Department's "annual game night." It sounds like fun, and I'll have a chance to get to know some of the staff.

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