Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Michael Golrick Farewell Tour

These days, I’m thinking I should have made up a t-shirt like those for band tours. It would be called the Michael Golrick Farewell Tour.

Here is what it might look like:

October 17 Trendspotting II (Connecticut Colleagues)

October 22-24 NELA, Burlington VT

October 27 – 29 Owaneco Lodge Fellowship – Final Cooking event

November 6 Bridgeport City Council Meeting

November 7 Last time to vote in CT

November 7 Pomperaug District Committee (Surprise dinner event)

November 8 Final FLAG meeting and lunch

November 15 Final Bridgeport Public Library Board of Directors meeting

November 16 BPL Farewell Party

November 17 Last Troop 68 Troop Meeting

November 19 Wood Badge Dinner

November 20 Final Owanceo Lodge Executive Committee Meeting

November 22-23 Thanksgiving in Bridgeport Guests include: all three kids, one fiancée, my mother, brother Thomas?, brother Paul and his family

November 28 Final Bridgeport Rotary Meeting

November 29 Bridgeport Alliance for Young Children

November 29 Leave Bridgeport – stay in Western PA

November 30 Chicago suburbs

December 1 Arrive Eau Claire WI

December 4 Start new job – Staff reception

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