Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Adventure Looms

It is only days to departure for Wisconsin. I go to my office twice more, and then the final day is with a meeting at the North Branch.

Thanksgiving was not quite as advertised in the "Farewell Tour." My son's fiancee did not make the trip from Maryland (which simplified the sleeping arrangements), and my brother Thomas did not come down with our mother. On the "plus" side, my brother Paul and his family did bring their dog, Rusty, the thirteen year old Chow mix. He is definitely getting old. He does not run up and down the stairs the way he used to, which was good for our cat who is terrified of him.

Contrary to Robert Putnam did bowling NOT alone. On Saturday noon time, we met my sister Sue and her family in Torrington for bonding and bowling. Some folks I know would find it strange to be in a crowd of 15, where you are related to all but three by blood and to those three by marriage, but that is how we bowled. My mother presided, and the siblings were Paul, Sue, and me. (In birth order that is #5, #4, and #1). Sue and I each have three children (who were all there), and Paul has two. Our spouses were the ones in the crowd who were related "only" by marriage. In typing this, it occurs to me that we were the first three to get married, also. I was first, Sue was second, and Paul was third. Hmmmm.

It was a nice holiday, and I am packing and finishing the house projects like a mad-man. Right now I am waiting to go to church before changing into work clothes and tackling the last of the wiring in the attic (for the new outlets) and then the sanding of the wall patches followed by priming to prep for painting. I'll do a little work at the office, too, just to finish up packing there.

U-Haul should call tomorrow to tell me where to pick up the 5-foot by 8-foot trailer which is what I'll be packing on Tuesday for the Wednesday departure. Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck!

    How are your bowling skills? I notice you didn't mention your score...

  2. My bowling skills are horrendous, especially with ten pins. What I need is a fairly light ball, but with big enough holes for my fat fingers!

    Maybe you can teach me!