Friday, November 17, 2006

Law Enforcement and Libraries

Well, first it was the FBI, now it is the local law enforcement officials.

Back in July of 2005, I was just back from ALA in Chicago. First day back (a Friday) and a got a call from one of my staff that the FBI were in the building. I dashed to the front desk, no FBI. I then headed upstairs to the Information Services Department, where the department head met me and introduced the two agents. They were not here over a USA PATRIOT Act claim or terrorism, it was a simple criminal case. They could have not been nicer, and provided all the paperwork I needed to help them.

Well, about a moth ago I heard from a Fairfield (next town over) police officer. He has a great name for a Detective: Peter Bravo. Lest you think I am making this up, look at his card. I blurred the email and phone numbers to protect him slightly. He was working on tracking down someone involved in credit card fraud who had used library computers to perpetrate the fraud. Again, he had his paperwork in order. (My Board President, an attorney, and another board member, a judge, checked it over.) We happily complied with the request.

Just a little more excitement in an otherwise dull [NOT!] week!

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