Friday, June 16, 2017

ALA Annual 2017

Monday 6/19 revision - more items added! There is still tweaking to be done. But right now, this matches the version of the calendar in the ALA Scheduler, and lives both on Google Calendar and in my personal Outlook calendar.

Here is my tentative schedule for ALA Annual. Note that it is still tentative!

I will be arriving in Chicago on Thursday, and get some wandering around time! (Yay!) I have nwt figured out how to make "Agenda" the default view. (Again ... Yay!) Clicking on any event will show details. And do note the time zone note on the bottom. Here, I am seeing things in the Central Time zone, not sure how true that is for others, but this time, the I don't change time zones!
I am posting on Friday (6/16) and have noticed that there is a lot missing. So by Monday or Tuesday, there will be more. I promise!