Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Names, Pseudonyms, etc.

Part of why I have not blogged much lately is the process of my moving from Wisconsin to New Orleans (LA). As a part of that, I have driven a couple times between hither and yon. It is a straightforward route through seven states and three state capitals. (Two of which are named for Presidents of the US.) (I'll review the route at the end.)

Today when checking one of my email accounts, a story about baby names popped up as one of the "highlights" when I closed the email. It reminded me of a note which I wrote to myself.

About the second time on the drive, I began to notice that in the more rural areas the exit signs often had two town names. Presumably, it is one town in each direction off the Interstate. Some of them struck me as interesting pairings for a pseudonym or for a stage name. Wikipedia has a good article on stage names, and some great examples.

Here is my contribution based on driving I-55, I-39, I-90, and I-94:
  • Madison deForest
  • Cambridge Madison
  • Byron Genoa
  • Mendota Earl[ville]
  • Hennepin Oglesby
  • Henry Streator
  • Alton Greenville
  • Antonia Barnhart
  • Miner Sikeston
  • Bertrand Sikeston
  • Carter Holland
  • Victoria Luzora
  • Keiser Wilson
  • Marie Lapante
  • Joyner Tyronza
  • Gilmore Truman
  • Marion "Sunset" Wynne
  • Lexington Pickens
  • Summit Natchez
Many of these can be inverted with equal success, and I only included on three name combination because it particularly struck me. Remember, these are all real place names that have some geographic proximity.

Random thoughts from driving.

The route by the way (North to South) starts out on I-94 which joins I-90 in Toma (WI). In Portage I-39 joins. I-90 splits to the East in Madison, and I-94 splits to Chicago in Rockford (IL). I-39 ends at I-55 in Bloomington/Normal (IL). I stay on I-55 except for a short jaunt around St. Louis on I-255, until I-55 ends at I-10 just West of the New Orleans airport. The states are: Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana. The state capitals are Jackson (MS) and Madison (WI) [named for Presidents] and Springfield (IL).