Thursday, June 13, 2019

ALA Annual - DC

Here is the semi-annual posting of my schedule ... Right now, this matches the version of the calendar in the ALA Scheduler, and lives both on Google Calendar and in my personal Outlook calendar. It is still tentative! There are overlapping meetings. Some of the decisions are "game day" decisions based on location and priority in my work/ALA life. I am the incoming chair of the ALA Membership Meetings Committee, so that meeting along with the Membership Meeting itself take priority. As the ASGCLA Division Councilor, Council and the ASGCLA Board get priority, too.

I get to town early, and will actually do some tourist things during the day on Thursday!

Clicking on any event will show details. Also clicking on "ALA" opens the calendar for that day. I have figured out how to show the Agenda ... this is a work in progress as I jump into HTML editing to make it look the way I want!

And do note the time zone note on the bottom. I have entered the correct time zone in the calendar ... so we will see how that works out for me. I may have mastered this!