Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The past 24 hours -- Leaving is harder than I thought

Whew what a day. Leaving a place is hard work, little did I know!

Last night was the regularly scheduled meeting for the Pomperaug District Committee (Boy Scouts). But because the City Council meeting ran so late the night before (I got home at 10:30 pm), I had not completed my homework. It had been a busy day, and I toyed with the idea of going swimming, but it was not to be!

I got home just after 5 pm, to meet a plumber for an estimate on a new boiler installation. We talked, and after today's call, we have a deal. Then I went to finish stripping the trim in the closet in the master bedroom. For some reason it took longer than I expected. It was about 7:15 when I finished, and I needed to change clothes and eat. For some reason, Jill was particularly anxious about my being late, but I did not notice. I changed clothes, and ate. I almost went swimming instead of the meeting.

I got to the meeting place, and the District Executive was outside and said "Oh, the Boys and Girls Club is downstairs, we are up in the gym." Up I went. What a surprise when I opened the door. The room was full with somewhere between 100 and 120 people, all friends from scouts! I was speechless! [Mark the date on your doesn't happen often.]

It wasn't a roast, but a celebration. Mike Abrahamson did a wonderful slide show with many photos I had never seen. [I've been promised a copy ... DVD since it is a couple thousand photos over the past dozen years.] The Scouts from Troop 68 gave me a framed neckerchief which they all signed, and the adult gift was a James E. West Fellowship. The latter means that $1,000 has been given to the endowment of the Council in my name. Cool.

Needless to say, there were speeches, and little gifts. I was kind of embarrassed! I was impressed that they had kept it a secret...and my wife and son were both in on it and managed to keep their mouths shut!

Anyway, that meant that when I got home, I still had all that work to do. I fell almost caught up with that having stayed up until almost 1 am to get everything done.

Today, was up for swimming, more painting, and then off to work. There was a meeting of the informal steering committee for the Bridgeport Alliance for Young Children, whose first big meeting on November 29, will be my last act. I left that early to go to the Fairfield Library Administrator's Group which is the local group of public library directors. I value that interaction incredibly. That involved lunch. (Yes, a liquid lunch). Now, I've finished my last City Librarian's Report for the Board, and the agenda. Since tomorrow at a really early hour I head to Hartford to fly to Minnesota and Eau Claire. Time to find a place to live!

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