Friday, March 12, 2010

Louisiana Library Association Conference 2010 Wrap up

Here is a summary post with links to all of the now updated posts from the conference.

Note that the two book cart drill team performances are posted on YouTube. That link was added to the first post, and is here as well. The two teams were from Ouachita and East Baton Rouge.

  1. Opening General Session
  2. Agile Librarian's Guide to Thriving in Any Organization
  3. Tweet, Tag, Connect: Using Social Networking in Your Public Library
  4. State of the State Library
  5. Your Web Applications on Your Space
  6. Copyright for Librarians

There are also photos on Flickr.

I also worked at the State Library booth for a shift, including helping to pack it up and return it to the State Library. I took advantage of the opportunity to visit the LSU Museum (for free) as one of the programs. There was not a lot to say, and they did not allow photos of the exhibit. You will see some photos from the museum window.

I am not summarizing the business meeting, which is being run very quickly and run very well. It will be followed with awards and a reception.

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