Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Links, again (late posting)

There is an interesting post by Barbara Fister (whose writing I have come to admire) which challenges the current academic model. It is in Library Journal, and certainly deserves a great deal of thought.

The recent storms in the East Coast have certainly challenged people's travel. There is an interesting article on how some folks managed to stay in touch. Parts of it remind me of the stories I hear about post-Katrina, and more recently, post-Gustav, and how library workers stayed in touch with each other.

In the ebook saga (I decided to go away from any pugilistic or other violent metaphor), it seems that the cost of ebooks, and how much the author gets, may soon shift. The Financial Times (a reliable source) has an article on how one publisher is wielding its influence and control of the rights (DRM) to increase the publisher and author share.

Who owns Koha?

Jessamyn points to what users want and a synopsis of the longer article.

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