Wednesday, March 17, 2010

ALA Candidates - President, Treasurer, Council

ALA election ballots are about to go out. I have had a couple of requests to list the folks I would endorse for office.

I know and respect both of the ALA Presidential candidates. I have had the opportunity to work, and socialize with both of them over the years. I will be voting for Sara Kelly Johns. Sara's web site is here. Sara is a school librarian from upstate New York. She has been president of AASL, and is a very dynamic speaker. (I was also flattered that Sara called me very early on for advice.) Sara has been reaching out to other parts of the profession, and has served as a trustee for a public library in New York. Here is her response to the questions from the Public Library Association about the biggest challenges facing public libraries today.

For Treasurer, I am endorsing Jim Neal. Jim has been very involved with ALA finances over the years. I think he has vision and can articulate the important financial issues which ALA inevitably faces. He has a very simple web page which states his credentials.

The Council list is longer. Here are the folks I will be supporting:
  1. Larry Romans (current Executive Board member and articulate member of Council)
  2. Pam Sieving (Pam has been at-large and the RUSA Division Councilor)
  3. Nann Blaine Hilyard (friend from PUBLIB, also served on Exec Board with me, been on Council several times)
  4. Thaddeus Bejnar (former New Mexico Chapter Councilor, and former chair of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee)
  5. Gladys Smiley Bell (former president of BCALA)
  6. Matthew P. Ciszek (a friend on Facebook and Twitter)
  7. Karen E. Downing (just finished her PhD)
  8. Loida A. Garcia-Febo (president of REFORMA)
  9. Sarah Smith (library school student at Simmons, who was persuaded to run at Midwinter in Boston - we need the voice of students in Council)
  10. Janice Greenberg (Facebook friend)
  11. Jason Griffey (blogger-extraordinaire)
  12. Erlene Bishop Killeen (school librarian from Wisconsin, has a good level head)
  13. Charles Kratz (current Exec Board member who also has a good perspective)
  14. Mary Mallory (ASCLA colleague and advocate)
  15. Bernard A. Margolis (New York State Librarian, even though he is not well at the moment, Bernie is an important voice)
  16. Michael L. Marlin (ASCLA colleague and vocal advocate for people who are blind)
  17. Melora Norman (public/academic librarian from Maine, former chair of COO)
  18. M. A. (Peg) Oettinger (retired school librarian, now from Pennsylvania)
  19. Michael Porter (Libraryman ... need I say more?)
  20. Susan Roman (Dean at Dominican's library school, and former development staff at ALA)
  21. Patrick Sweeney (up and coming California librarian)
  22. Bill Turner (former DC Chapter Councilor, current chair of Resolutions Committee)
  23. Patricia Wand (academic librarian who I got to know while working on the beginnings of ALA-APA, Pat is also a good thinker)
  24. Larry Nash White (Library Educator and statistics guy)
  25. Tom Wilding (at the U of Arizona library school, another good thinker from the origins of ALA-APA, Tom has also chaired committees)
That's my list!

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