Thursday, July 30, 2009

The future: music, film, print

I wish I were as cogent a thinker and as eloquent a writer as Walt Crawford. His most recent post is called Five years on. In it he offers his opinion (with which wholeheartedly agree) about the future of music, film, and the various print products of today.

It is worth reading.


  1. Thanks. I've been waiting for the "you're so wrong you should be put away" comments...but so far, no such luck.

  2. "As if"!!!!!!

    Both you and I have been around long enough to have some perspective. Remember the VHS versus Beta "slugfest?" That sure reminds me of some of the DVD issues. I'll have to look again at your blog to see the other comments.

  3. When I wrote that, there weren't any comments. That's changed, but the only comment as of now is supportive(and from Dan Cornwall, who as usual raises good points that amplify the discussion).