Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Links from around the web

  • An interesting article from PW about the Google Book Search Settlement and a panel discussion at New York Public Library
  • When you "buy" a download, can you keep it forever? Some think not. Here is an article from boingboing on the topic.
Stephen Abram is always thoughtful. I had saved two posts from him:
  1. Streaming video is displacing DVDs
    But I wonder where does that leave the majority in Louisiana who do not have Internet at home?
  2. He also has some cogent thoughts on Bing and Yahoo (As he suggests, I have started using Bing.)
More posts
  • I picked this up off PUBLIB, where the poster noted that this conservative paper generally is against any taxes and increases in public spending, but does support public libraries. It is an interesting article.
  • I am a little disappointed that I did not make the Top 100 list, and I have some quibbles, like not being in the top 5! But there are some other obviously good choices. There were even a few I had not followed/found.
That's it for now!

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