Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Happy Blog Anniversary

A recent post from Stephen Abram reminded me that I started this blog four years ago, upon my return from ALA in Chicago.

I started on July 6, 2005, my younger son's 21th birthday. He is now 25, this blog is 4.

This is also post #400! So that is an average of 100 posts per year, or just under 2 posts per week (for those who pay attention to that kind of statistics). This is not a high comment blog, and I suspect that most of you are reading this through a feed aggregator of some sort. The site counter (from 10/31/2005) says over 40,000 hits. According to Google Analytics, 40% are referred from other sites, 40% are from search engine searches, and 20% are direct traffic.

You will see more blogging soon, from ALA.

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