Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Reading/Listening Patterns

It is probably not obvious if you read using an aggregator, but my reading/listening patterns have changed a great deal recently. While I always enjoyed listening to books, my last two jobs had such short drives, that it simply was not practical. However, in my new position, I drive about 90 minutes each way, every day. In addition, the State Library of Louisiana has a great collection of books on CD. So, I regularly wander downstairs to pick up a title or two. (I don't listen on tape because my car does not have a tape player, just a 6-disc changer.)

So, if you visit the blog itself, you will note that while I have read eight (8) books so far this year, I have listened to another twelve (12).

How do I choose? Well, the collection is organized in acquisition order, so browsing is "interesting." Generally, I look for things that I would not normally read in print. Therefore there is more non-fiction, even though this spring has been pretty heavy non-fiction print reading. I also tend to choose titles from vendors which I recognize and remember from my past -- Recorded Books and Blackstone Audio are among my favorites -- because I know that it will be a quality production with good narrators.

That is it for now. Tomorrow I go to a Louisiana Library Association pre-conference, and then two days at the conference. Look for some increased blogging. (It will help me focus.)


  1. For something a bit different, I would highly recommend Full Cast Audio productions of young adult titles. These productions by Bruce Coville use a full cast of age-appropriate characters for a wonderfully rich listening experience.

  2. Thanks Chris, I will try some when my current ones are returned!