Friday, March 27, 2009

LLA Conference 2009 - A summary

Well, it took a little longer than I expected to get my last post up, but I finally have. Now it is time for an overview of the conference.

Here is a list of my posts about programs I attended at the LLA 2009 Conference (with links) and in the order of appearance. I have some reflections on the conference at the end.
In addition there were a couple of status updates. One noted the lack of wi-fi in the meeting rooms and my technical problems, and the other was just a short posting status update. There were several programs where I poked my head in, or just sat for a bit. And I did not blog the Public Library Section business meeting, or the Awards Ceremony. I also did not blog either of the two author luncheons I attended.

Every association has its own feel, and that was abundantly clear to me. This was my first opportunity to meet a number of my new colleagues in the state, and to say hello to some long-time friends.

The Conference was held at the Hilton in downtown Baton Rouge. For me, this meant driving to work, just like I always do. I even parked in the same garage in which I park every day. One difference was driving in on Saturday -- and the traffic was much lighter then! I was also committed to staffing the booth for a couple hours on Saturday.

I learned a great deal at the conference, and it was a good opportunity to begin to put together names and faces.

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