Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wednesday Morning PLA Notes

I did not attend the session I planned to attend for Session 2. Instead I went to the exhibits. As a PLA Board member I had the responsibility of visiting all of the exhibitors in one aisle of the exhibits. I was assigned Aisle 1900. My charge was to visit, and thank each exhibitor for choosing to pay to exhibit. I was thrilled that so many were having a great show, and some were already signed up for the next conference in Portland (Oregon) in 2010. Several noted that the attendance on Wednesday night was great! One suggested having more food in the exhibit hall to entice conference goers.

At the luncheon, PLA President noted that at that moment (noon Thursday), attendance is at 9,418 (including exhibitors). She hopes that the total will exceed 10,000 (a personal goal)!

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