Saturday, March 29, 2008

Selling a Sponsorship without Selling Your Soul

There was a panel of local business representatives moderated by Wendy Mouglan of the Friends of St. Paul Public Library. The panel members were: Dot Beltsler, RBC Wealth Management; Patricia Effenberger, Pioneer Press; Ceace Haagensen, Xcel Energy

All of the handouts are online.

The panel members took turns addressing questions which were asked by Wendy Mouglan. Some random notes from the panel: Do your homework, make sure to spell the name of the company correctly.

Should think beforehand what the sponsor is likely to be able to do. Media people are not likely to give cash, will give “in-kind” and can be used with other sponsors to show recognition. It also helps by showing support. One key feature is to have an employee involved.

How far in advance do you ASK Will vary year-to-year. In the fall, many have other fund, get to them early. Bring the idea to the busness. At least 6 months a in advance or longer.

Networking is key for everyone, and the key executives want to been seen in the company of other executives. They are looking for different events. Logo placement is important. Exclusivity is important.

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