Saturday, March 29, 2008

Louise Erdrich

I attended the luncheon where Louise Erdrich spoke. I find it tough to "cover" an author talk, especially one where the author reads. I enjoy them, but it is hard for me to relay the flavor of the event, and the energy in the room. In addition to being an author, Louise owns Birch Bark Books in Minneapolis. There were advance readers copies of the Plague of Doves on the tables. As is so often true when non-librarians speak, she began with the obligatory library love story and noted that she was raised by two school teachers.

She then read a “tiny little piece” that it the part of the The Painted Drumk that she gets the most letters about . After that she told growing up stories including of going gathering with father hunting. She then read fr0m the letters she has that her father has sent her.

She ended by reading a section of the new book about leaving home for college.

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