Wednesday, March 26, 2008

ALA Councilor Elections

The first thing I noticed, was the number of people running! There are ninety-four (94!) people on the ballot for ALA Council. We get to vote for 35. The top 34 vote getters will have three year terms and the 35th will have a one year term to serve a vacancy (Rochelle Hartman's?). That means that roughly one out of three on the ballot will have the opportunity to serve.

I make my choices differently each year. This year I have broken the names into categories.

Library 2.0 Friends (Blogs, Facebook [primarily]):
Trevor A. Dawes
Aaron W. Dobbs
Christopher G. Harris
Dale K. McNeill (also PUBLIB)
Linda Shippert
Courtney L. Young
Diedre (Dee) Conkling (also Current Councilor)
Christine Lind Hage (also former Councilor)
Sally Decker Smith
Current and former Councilors I would like to continue to work with:
Monika J. Antonelli
Barbara A. Genco
Judith A. Gibbons
Marilyn L. Hinshaw
Ling Hwey Jeng
Carol Ritzen Kem
Margaret L. Kirkpatrick
Bonnie L. Kunzel
Norman L. Maas
Stephen L. Matthews
Linda Mielke
Robert R. Newlen
June A. Pinnell-Stephens
Barbara K. Stripling
Bill Turner
Arlene C. Bielefield (my board chair in a former life, past chair of
the Library School at Southern Connecticut State University, but
don't hold that against her; she has also been on the Committee on
Legislation's Intellectual Property committees)
Wei Jeng-Chu (cataloger, Worcester)
Michael J. Miller (member of the Resolutions Committee with me)
G. Victor Johnson (Trustee)
Mable W. Robertson (Trustee)

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