Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Google Reader? I think NOT

I've been reading through my Bloglines subscriptions about folks who are in love with Google Reader. I exported my list from Bloglines, and imported it into Google Reader.

Here is where my problem is, and it seems to be the way that Google, and many other web services work, that it assumes that I always want to see the newest item first. Well, maybe I am too concrete-sequential, or anal-retentive, or obsessive-compulsive, but, here is a news flash folks: I don't want to read that way! I want to be able to logically follow a thread and have the OLDEST ITEM FIRST!

To do this in Google Reader, as best I can tell, you have to change the settings for each feed. With the number of feeds I have, that just is not happening.

Bottom line: Google Reader needs to become more Web 2.0 before they will capture me. I'll note that I harbor some resentment over being forced into switching to "new Blogger" and creating a "Google Account" (like I need another account on the web!).

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