Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Blurbing a New Book

I was recently asked to write a blurb for Library 2.0: A Guide to Participatory Library Service by Michael Casey and Laura Savastinuk. It will be published by Information Today in April.

The copy I received as a "reader's copy" was real, honest-to-God proof pages. They were not bound as I was used to from the copies which used to come to the various libraries I have worked at, but a loose batch of pages. I worked my way through the book, but it was more difficult to deal with than I expected for a more than 100 page document.

I hope the book does well, and am incredibly flattered that I was asked to write something for the cover.

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  1. I had exactly the same reaction. This has happened to me twice recently. I too want to blurb the book, but feel dread at the pile of white paper I'm supposed to flip through. Publishers... treat your blurbers better, please!