Monday, May 01, 2006

Elected! Thanks

First of all, this post is from the living room of my son's house in Elkridge MD. I'm en route to ALA Legislative Day, and am spending the night here. He writes computer code for an un-named defense contractor. He has wi-fi, but only for the TiVo! The really high speed computers are hard wired.

The ALA Election results are in, and thanks to all who voted for me, I was elected to ALA Council as an "at Large" member.

I took the email I received and pasted it into Excel (eventually) so that I could sort from highest to lowest on the vote count. (The ALA list is alphabetical so you can find your favorite candidate.) I'm going to try pasting it below. The difference in the number of votes from the #1 vote getter this year to the last person elected was 1,553. The difference on the bubble was 11.

A quick analysis shows that I have little influence since I recommended folks on both the top and the bottom of the list.

Dora T. Ho 4769 Elected
Nancy P. Zimmerman 4757 Elected
Virginia (Ginny) B. Moore 4739 Elected
Ellen Riordan 4428 Elected
Carolyn Brodie 4086 Elected
Gail Schlachter 3839 Elected
David Easterbrook 3823 Elected
Amy Gonzalez Ferguson 3771 Elected
Margie Thomas 3721 Elected
Heidi Dolamore 3687 Elected
Bob Diaz 3661 Elected
Patricia Hogan 3655 Elected
Larry Romans 3618 Elected
Nancy Fredericks 3600 Elected
Michael Golrick 3569 Elected
Rochelle Hartman 3560 Elected
Cassandra Barnett 3554 Elected
Elizabeth (Beth) E. Bingham 3548 Elected
Jo Ann Pinder 3545 Elected
Carolyn Giambra 3524 Elected
Kate Corby 3519 Elected
Mark Rosenzweig 3506 Elected
Ria Newhouse 3459 Elected
Rosie Albritton 3454 Elected
Michael Gutierrez 3425 Elected
Shixing Wen 3413 Elected
Dennis LeLoup 3371 Elected
Barbara Silverman 3318 Elected
Frances Roscello 3305 Elected
Beth Hill 3287 Elected
Ann Ewbank 3274 Elected
Nancy C. Pack 3228 Elected
Andrea M. Morrison 3216 Elected
Samantha Schmehl Hines 3205
Brenda Pruitt-Annisette 3195
M. A. (Peg) Oettinger 3160
Patricia Wand 3122
Sally Decker Smith 3117
Eva Efron 3101
Michelle Baildon 3089
Ann Campion Riley 3081
Tiffani Conner 3065
Charles Forrest 3063
LuAnn Cogliser 3059
Arthur L. Friedman 3058
David Barton 3015
Trevor A. Dawes 3014
Sandra Olson 3014
Clara L. Sitter 2988
Herbert Biblo 2964
Shelby Harken 2948
Barbara Pickell 2945
Arlene Bielefield 2928
Avril N. Haughton 2920
Carolyn Lowe Garnes 2914
Dorothy Morgan 2908
Tammy Sugarman 2907
Aaron W. Dobbs 2901
Cheryl Bernero 2881
Felicia Smith 2855
William Paullin 2808
Frank Bruno 2764
Carol Ritzen Kem 2640
Dale Poulter 2628
Robert Hubsher 2599
Donald Roalkvam 2539
M. Michele Brown Kriske 2521
Norman J. Eriksen 2508
Jane Sessa 2299
Lainey Westbrooks 2278
Gregory McClay 2034

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