Thursday, April 20, 2006

Green Kangaroo -- What?

I received an email late yesterday that Mary Ghikas now has a blog. For those who do not know Mary, she is the Senior Associate Executive Director of ALA. [That makes her the #2 staff person there, for those who have trouble parsing titles.]

So far in my Bloglines list Mary has been welcomed by Jenny Levine, Michael Stephens, and now me. Mary was important in the development of ALA's Strategic Plan, ALA Ahead to 2010, and is always on the look out for the trends which will shape both the profession and the association. She was privately very kind to me when I started blogging, and I hope you will take my recommendation that hers is a blog to watch.

You won't necessarily get the inside scoop from the Green Kangaroo, but I can pretty much guarantee thoughtful insights. Welcome Mary.

P.S. I'm still working on the idea of a Bloggers Round Table. Stay tuned.

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