Friday, October 19, 2007

WLA Conference - The 411 on Mashups

Julie Fricke of Lawrence University (Appleton) did a great job of explaining mashups. I was standing for the beginning, and the PowerPoint will be on the WLA Conference Web site.

Among others she talked about:
Facebook (and Facebook apps)
Book Carousel
Chicago Crime Statistics
Housing map (from Craigs List)
SuprGlu (and Frickeglu) (seems like a place to have a bunch of your own stuff come)

How do I make one: add this app (point & Facebook, iGoogle); clone (Pipes); program (server side --to do some programming need to request and get a key).

When is it OK to mix? Many have creative commons copyright licenses, but other have limitations (like Google Maps). What is the provenance (the Wikipedia problem)? What is its authority? How simple and what support will you get? Will there be upgrades? What happens with changes in software.

An account for the presentation has been set up:
(password is web2.0)

Another interesting site is (inlcudes news related to social networking software), can subscribe to an RSS feed. There is more an more info on mobile computing.

Others are listed on the PowerPoint (which I will try to add as a link). Now the question and answer session is going on, but I am going to post anyway.


  1. For people interested in Mashups, I'd suggest that you take a look at too - it's another web based mashup tool that just recently launched. Takes on a different approach - targeting both non tech savy users, who can assemble buildings blocks to produce a mashup - and more advanced users, with xml programming skills, who can expand the tool and creade new widgets.
    Beware it only works on Firefox though.

  2. Hi Michael,

    Thank you for your kind words. The powerpoint for the presentation can be found here:


  3. Thanks Julie.

    Let me try to make the link live here.

  4. For people interested in mash-ups Microsoft is beta testing a product for developing interactive web pages, including mash-ups. While it is in testing the program is free but you do have to sign up for the program. The program is called popfly and can be found at