Tuesday, October 30, 2007

MNIUG - Opening Session

I am at the Minnesota Innovative Users Group fall meeting at St. Olaf College.

The first presentation was an III Corporate Update from Bill Easton, Customer Sales Consultant and Suzanne Conboy, eProducts Specialist.

First to speak was Bill Easton. I was not life, so created these notes in Word and have pasted them here.

What does Rock Solid mean?

  • Strong Foundation
  • Growing
  • Stable
  • Independent
  • Financially Sound
  • “Rock ‘n’ Roll Edge”
  • cool technology

Past year: grow number of systems 1250 servers/4000 libraries; percentage of libraries selecting Millennium 55+%

New Products developed: Circa – replacing the wireless workstation, inventory; can do quick check out, connected to server; Research Pro – replaces meta find federated search engine; Program Registration – calendar for programs and registration; Single Sign On – only have to sign on once (academic); Express Lane – self check; Article Reach – search and find articles and have them faxed (academic); Encore – starting to install, sold 70 systems so far; over 250 enhancements including printing and web management reports, new look and feel of client.

Rock Solid Tour: T-shirts for each IUG meeting

Top in ARL…positive cash flow; because healthy financially, can remain an independent company (privately held still) [Did he “protest” too much on this topic??]

“An alternative to vendors who change their tune”

What’s New in 2007

Web Management Reports: Circulation, Patrons, etc.; easy to run; direct export to spreadsheet; can use old reports

Program Registration – powerful software web based tool; can limit by type [if entered]; details; calendar view; can do listing

Path Finder Pro: any url address can be linked to by specific rules, example: every time you find DVD can automatically point to IMDB

Research Pro [Later]

Encore: demo – Link+ also federated searching of outside databases (Amazon, Google images, etc.)

This is Innovative’s answer to the “OPAC is broken”

Express Lane: GUI self check product [My Millennium]

Printing: new printing architecture for selected printing jobs; can control look, add logos, and export to PDF; using 3rd party template editor

CIRCA: Inventory control and will use any Windows compliant hand held wireless device

CS direct: http://csdirectiii.com/ppt/iug#15 (presentations from last meeting)

Suzanne Conboy's presentation was on the variety of eResources available.

She began with some statistics which were drawn from the OCLC 2005 Perceptions of Libraries and Information Resources which has a wealth of data, aggregated across age, geography. ONe conclusion is that it is overwhelming to find information on a library’s web site: too much information, too many choices. Libraries rate high in trustworthy and accurate. We need to improve in easy to use, convenient, and fast. Need to become “mother of all search engines.”

Discovery to Delivery Chain


Research Pro



Pathfinder Pro

Discovery to Delivery Chain

Web Bridge


Pathfinder Pro

Research Pro: Searching across multiple databases. Need to make it more convenient for our users. “Only federated search tool which you can place anywhere you want to make it easier for your users.” Completely customizable. Can easily save results and save favorite databases. West Bloomfield Township (MI?) intermingled format and subject. Can add any text anywhere on the page. Results are immediately presented, do not have to wait for all results to be returned and sorted. Enhancements planned: faceting of results; sorting of results; spell-check for search; toggle between languages; further integration with Webbridge LR and Encore

ERM (Electronic Resource Management tools)

Generally, these are staff tools. It can be used by the public as a discovery tool. So, they created a public web interface. You can use ERM to dynamically create information for web presentation. Use ERM to put much information in a single place. Examples: Cornell University “Find”; University of Colorado at Boulder [catalog = Chinook]; University of Arizona; Yale Law School; Leeds University; University of Queensland; Sonoma State University (California State University at Sonoma); Washington State University.

Showed staff views. No additional server needed; staff already trained on Millennium; customer support; IUG support

Easy to implement: comes pre-installed with resource records, no need to manually enter; comes the training and Quick Start; includes database free for the first year (CASE); already live in 29 ARL Libraries, 200 other libraries.

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