Friday, December 01, 2006

Blogging on Road: Highway 2.0

So, we all know about Library 2.0, right? Well when I hit the Indiana border, I found what I am calling Highway 2.0. The picture is small, but the sign says, "Animal on Road when Flashing -- Next 1 mile." There is a test stretch of the Indiana Turnpike where they have the signs, with solar panels and motion detectors, set up over a 15 or 20 mile stretch.

As someone who has killed two deer in his life, both times with a vehicle, I can attest to the problem. This is a great solution! It alers drivers to a potential hazard and uses current technology in an effective way. How 2.0 is that!!!


  1. Next time you see those deer signs remember that my library is just off exit 92 and 96 and I'll buy lunch.

  2. Where I live they could just turn it to "blink" all the time, lol.