Monday, December 25, 2006

5 things you don’t know about me

Jessamyn tagged me for this. But I am going to be careful with where I take this.

  • The first time I took the Myers Briggs personality test, I scored as an "I" not an "E"
  • I have been in four of the five "Commonwealth"s in the United States. I have not been to the one which most people think of first. I have relatives born in all four of the ones I have visited. (I'll reveal more at the end.)
  • The contintental states I have never visited are either in the south or the northwest. ALA Midwinter will get me to the Northwest for the first time. [I have never been to Arkansas, Alabama, and Mississippi in the South. I have not been to Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, or the Dakotas.]
  • The first time I was ever in Wisconsin, the state I now live in, was on September 28, 2006.
  • I have no real aunts, my only real uncle died in 1979 in Greenwich Village.

So, how about those Commonwealths.....goes along with my favorite trivia question about the three states which do not observe Daylight Savings Time. That answer is easy....Arizona, Indiana, and Hawaii. The states which are officially Commonwealths are: Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Kentucky. Puerto Rico is also a Commonwealth. I lived in Massachusetts for many years and six of my siblings were born there. My brother Paul lived in Kentucky when his son was born, and now lives in Pennsylvania where his daughter was born. My youngest sister lives in Virginia where her two children were born. So the only Commonwealth I have not been to is ...... Puerto Rico!

I'm guessing that since Jessamyn tagged me, I get to tag some others. I'm going to thank Tinfoil & Raccoon for alerting me, and tag her. I'm going to encourage my friends at Library Hacks to post (but since half the team is in Jamaica, that may take a few days). I think that the Free Range Librarian has done this, but I'm going to tag her again. I'm tagging fellow my fellow Councilor who writes so well in Library Dust, and finally, former Connecticut colleague and fellow library director Louise Berry.


  1. In 2006 Indiana became a daylight saving time state. May not last past the upcoming leg session, but for now....... Just goes to show that cows can learn to tell time.

  2. I am so very disappointed.

    Daylight Savings Time is such an incredible waste of energy and effort. It disrupts people's lives for no good reason! I HATE IT!!

    It is sad that Indiana has bowed to peer pressure. My guess is that Hawai'i will not since it physically does not touch any other states.

  3. Indiana didn't bow to peer pressure, it bowed to economic development pressure. The Indiana Chamber just released their survey of business in Indiana. Some 60% love it, 13% hate it, and the rest don't care. The big battle was whether or not we would change to central time, and I am surprised we didn't. I love that extra late hour of sunshine myself.