Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Three Unrelated Items: Car milestone; Bunnies at the Library; Stitches/Good News

Way back when I was the President of the Connecticut Library Association (1999/2000), I wrote a column for the newsletter. One of the items I frequently included was a discussion of my car. It was usually the last thing in the column, and I could sure tell that folks read to the end! I received more comments about those notes than about any other issue. I guess it goes to show that people really do care about the things they can identify with.

Well, my PT Cruiser shows up in several photos here lately. Last night, I turned 50,000 miles. We got the car in January 2003 (right after ALA Midwinter, turned in the old car before I went to Philly). This has been the longest I have taken to reach this milestone (pun intended) since I have owned a car. It is only a little more than 3 miles to work (one way), and while I drive to various meetings, and outside of work, it is not like my days at SCLC when it was 20 miles (each way) to the office and then I'd often put another 50 miles during the day.

Last night I was leaving the office at about 6:30. As I drove out the driveway, I glanced at the building to my left, and under the maple tree there, I thought I saw a rabbit. I stopped, backed up, and sure enough, there was a rabbit under the tree. Why is this so strange? Well, Downtown Bridgeport is not particularly hospitable to wildlife. We have a border of grass and bushes with a few trees which is about 10 feet wide around three sides of the building. A great deal of the rest of downtown is paved over. This is a city.

I'm back from the oral surgeon. I've had a bump inside my lower lip for about 18 months. My dentist thought, at first, that it was just a blocked salivary gland. When I saw him in January, he suggested getting it taken off. That happened last week, and they sent the bit off for a biopsy. Today was the day for the stitches to come out. (Hooray!) The lab report came back negative. (Double hooray!) I don't take chances with this stuff, my father died at age 48 from melanoma.

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