Friday, March 24, 2006

ALA Voting - My final offer

In a previous post I listed the names of those for whom I am voting, and I want to take a moment to explain why each has been chosen. So here goes:
  • "Next Gen" Librarians are Ria Newhouse and Heidi Dolamore. Ria presented to the ALA Exec Board back in Orlando about some of the ways that the next generation of librarians act differently than some of us baby boomers. She and April Spivak sure got my attention on this topic. Heidi is one of those librarians, and is a blogger!
  • Also a blogger, and a wonderful guru to get me started blogging is Rochelle Hartman.
  • David Barton is an academic librarian, and has figured out how to hire and keep Next Gen librarians.
  • The other Connecticut librarians running are Arlene Bielefield (Department Chair for the Library School at Southern Connecticut State University) and high school librarian Luann Cogliser.
  • My special category includes a support staffer, Dorothy Morgan and a Trustee Donald Roalkvalm. Don has the distinct advantage of having served as the ALTA Division Councilor, so he actually knows what he is getting into.
  • Then there is a list of folks I have met through Council who are all special folks with whom I want to continue to work: Beth Bingham (from Louisiana, and first chair/moving force behind the Scholarship Bash), Pat Hogan (from Illinois, and a PUBLIB regular), Bill Paullin (former New Jersey Chapter Councilor, and all around good guy), Carol Kem (lots of financial acumen -- which Council needs), Ginny Moore (from the DC area, long time Council member who doesn't speak much, but when she does, sit up and pay attention), Peg Ottinger (retired school librarian from the other end of the Bridgeport-Port Jefferson Ferry), Jo Ann Pinder (past PLA pres, was on Core Values 2 with me) Larry Romans (GODORT Councilor at one time, also been a Tennessee Chapter Councilor, current chair of the Committee on Legislation, was on the Membership Meetings Task Force [I think, or did he do the Meeting Quorum while I did the Meetings] generally good guy, Gail Schlacter (past president of RUSA and co-convenor of the Council Forum), Pat Wand (brilliant academic librarian formerly at American University, now working overseas).
  • New comers to Council include Dora Ho (who was very active in NMRT and is now on COO -- or at least the Task Force being created) and conservative libarian Greg McClay. Greg would bring an important balance to Council. He is also a blogger.
  • The last list left off Aaron Dobbs. I apologize to Aaron who sat through most of Council. Aaron has been a "virtual member" of the Membership Committee, and the intern for the OITP Advisory Committee. He has done good work, and shows interest. That's why I'm supporting him.

I'm locking in my votes and voting today. As of earlier in the week, voting was running at about twice the same period last year. That is good news. The electronic ballot is easier to use, and I am guessing that the ballot question on dues has increased the interest in voting.

Please support the dues increase, so that ALA can implement the new strategic plan.

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