Sunday, March 12, 2006

ALA Voting

If you are reading this, then you :
  1. Stumbled onto my blog, and probably have no clue what I am talking about,
  2. Look here every now and again,
  3. Subscribe to this via RSS or some aggregator,
  4. or are stalking me .
Ballots for the ALA election are due to be distributed electronically over 48 hours between March 15 and 17. They will include the general ALA ballot as well as any division or round table ballots. The general ALA ballot has:
  • President-elect (2 candidates)
  • ALA Council (lots of candidates for 33 seats, unless there are vacancies to be filled)
  • Bylaws changes including the dues increase.
I ask that you please support ALL the bylaws changes. Some are housekeeping, but they all make sense.

Vote for whomever you please for ALA President. I know Loriene Roy slightly, and have never met John Crowe. I think that either would do a good job.

I ask that you vote for ME for ALA Council. Some of the other folks I am supporting include: Ria Newhouse, Beth Bingham, Heidi Dolamore, Pat Hogan, Bill Paullin, David Barton, Arlene Bielefield, Luann Cogliser, Rochelle Hartman, Dora Ho, Carol Kem, Greg McClay, Ginny Moore, Peg Ottinger, Joanne Pinder, Donald Roalkvalm, Larry Romans, Gail Schlacter, Pat Wand, Dorothy Morgan. The complete list of candidates (alphabetically, of course) is on the ALA web site.


  1. Can anyone with a Library Card vote or do you have to be a member of the elite group which we call "librarian?"

  2. thanks michael! (ooh, i have several library cards, does that mean i can vote more than once?) :)

  3. What was the name of your friend who I met at Walt's get together? I can probably piece it together from reading all the bios but I thought Id' try the lazyweb approach.

  4. Jessamyn- That was Ria Newhouse