Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Random notes - Email server crash not bad; family stuff

Well, the good news is that the email server crash was not too bad. The technician from the company which holds our service contract brought in a replacement, and by noon, email had returned to all Library staff. Of course, we had to call to tell them!. The Proofpoint server, which screens our email for spam, captured all the messages (as best I can tell).

I'm getting ready for the adventure of a lifetime. On Friday morning (in the wee, dark hours) I will be departing for the National Jamboree. This is a quadrennial event for Boys Scouts, and I will be serving as the Scoutmaster for a troop of 36 boys (with three Assistant Scoutmasters). I guess the pressure is beginning to get to me. I keep double checking my lists, and looking at the pile of clothes to pack and bring. Both of my sons have attended this event in the past, and my younger son is attending -- this time as an Assistant Scoutmaster for another troop. I am sure it will be fun, once we are on the road. Until then, it is emails and phone calls from stressed parents and scouts.

Actually, that was what I thought about during most of my driving today. I went to camp (Camp Sequassen in Winsted CT) for a couple of scout-related meetings. The bonus was being able to see both my younger son and my daughter who are on staff. I ate dinner in the dining hall. That is always interesting. It was wonderful to see the scouts and other staff and their interaction with my kids (can a 21 year old, and a 19 year old still be kids?). As a parent, I often wondered if we were doing the right thing and the best thing. I guess that I am getting satisfied that we did a pretty good job. That is gratifying!

So probably no more than one post before Jambo. Then there will most likely be an hiatus of almost two weeks while I am in Virginia. I am still fussing over whether to bring the laptop or not. I hear that there will be some wireless and some spots for power, so right now, I am leaning towards it. Time will tell. If the wireless is as promised, and I can get some digital photos, watch out!

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