Friday, July 15, 2005

Email server crash

Well, our still under warranty server for email has died. My tech person said that it has been going all week, coming up, crashing, and then re-setting itself. It is stressing me incredibly to come in to work and not have the new messages.

Our vendor arrived while I was in Tech Services. He had a replacement server to hold us over while we get the bad parts in the mail server replaced.

Such is life.


  1. Do you have a web version of your email account? Or, even if so, is everything bouncing because of the crash?

  2. I have multiple email accounts (don't we all?), but most are forwarded to the server at work.

    It took until noon (EDT) to replace the server, but I don't think I lost any (our spam blocking software collects ALL the email and holds it for a while).

    I am much less stressed, and hope that I did not jinx the situation with my post on 30 years ago!