Saturday, July 09, 2005

Home Work

This is my first post from home, to test my dial-up connection. Moments from now, I head to pick up the two kids from camp (where they are working), on the way I will begin shopping for a new furnace for the house. I have done the math to calcualte the size of the house (about 1100 square feet), and am slightly scared about this. But the old furnace was installed in 1969, did not work well last winter, and the water heater has a leak, so it is time.

Once the kids are here, no time at the computer for me!

Happy weekend


  1. The furnace question is one of the hardest ones we get at the ref desk. It's almost impossible to find specific product reviews because there's no way to effectively test a unit, since houses are different sizes, insulated, uninsulated, etc. About all we can do is offer "Energy Star" ratings for particular brands and tips on how to shop for a furnance. Let me know if you find anything else! It's sort of a Holy Grail of reference

  2. Hi Rochelle-

    You are right....but we must move ahead. My wife (also a librarian) is doing the searching.....and searching....and searching). But we need to decide by August, so we have heat this year!