Thursday, July 24, 2008

Library Funding -- More responses to blog posts

I feel like after not posting for a bit, I am finally catching up. I have a post in my head about ALA, one about driving, and one about food. Stay tuned.

This one, however, continues the theme of library funding. One post showed up in my blog reader and the other in AL Direct.

The first was about library funding and starts out with reflections on why library referenda fail. [I hate that Microsoft/Google does not recognize the proper plural for referendum!] Jeff Scott call this post From Awareness to Funding Part I. The post includes both some findings from quantitative research and some good graphics to explain support for libraries. It is a good summary, and he promises more analysis.

The second post addresses the value of libraries in an economic downturn. The Consumerist itemizes seven ways that your library can help you. This is great ammunition for library advocates, and there are a slew of comments, almost all favorable. REad it!

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