Saturday, February 16, 2008

What are Your TechNOTs?

Rochelle Hartman has challenged us.

So, I was late to blogging. Actually, I was even late to email. It wasn't until I left Wilton, and started at SCLC that I got my first email account. (That was 13 years ago!) Certainly, my reluctance to email has changed. And I have more or less adopted blogging. However, I'll admit that while I started the year with a "cleaned up" Bloglines account, lately it hovers around 500 unread posts. (Of course, I could drop some of the 156 feeds....but that is down from almost 200!)

However, I think I have two or three IM accounts which I do not use. (I don't think I have logged on in a year or so.) I also have not figured out what "Twitter" is all about. I haven't tried.

I am on Facebook, and even do stuff there periodically, but my LinkdIn and Plaxo accounts are pretty much dormant. There may even be some others which I have signed up for, and have not used for a while. Every once in a while I still find an account of one kind or another which still has an old email (either or or my old Connecticut address.

So that is my confession

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