Friday, December 28, 2007

Humor: Unfortunately Named Athletes

Steve Cohen over on Library Stuff, linked to this great list of unfortunately named athletes.

I'm wondering if there is a list of unfortunately named librarians?

I do know that my father use to joke about the fact he should have given my brother Paul a different middle name so that his initials would have been PIG, and clearly my parents forgot when then named my youngest sister Helen (middle name figure it out) whose initials changed when she married. My initials are only kind of car tire (MAG), and I can live with that!


  1. Wow, "Dick Trickle" is really something else! Surprised Dick Butkus wasn't included.

    Now, a question--are you looking for a list of REAL librarians, or would a made-up list do?

  2. An Amazon customer put together a list of unfortunately named authors.

  3. Unfortunately named librarian:

    Paige Burns

  4. I'm a librarian.
    My initials are EZ.

  5. Michael, surely you remember the New England Encyclopaedia Britannica sales rep, Andrew Carnegie. I don't know that his name is so "unfortunate" as that people didn't believe him. (He was named for his more famous (and wealthier) relative.)

    What were Mr. and Mrs. Cutler were thinking of when they named their daughter Mary Salome. (She was ALA Secretary for 1890-1891.) The roster of ALA presidents, treasurers, and secretaries presents some triple-barreled names that are not so much unfortunate as they are grand.(Examples: Josephus Nelson Larned, Harrison Warwick Craver, Azariah Smith Root....No Tiffany, Cody, or Dakota yet!)