Thursday, September 06, 2007

Away for a bit

I've been in Connecticut since Monday afternoon. On Saturday, I was by a lake in Wisconsin, blissfully without my cell phone. Sunday when I got service, I checked, and there was a voice mail from a sister and a son, and a text from that son. I started calling and found out that my mother was in the hospital and was in serious shape. So, the calls to the airlines started, and I was on a mid-day flight on Monday.

Since then, I have seen all my siblings (there are seven), numerous nieces, nephews, and spouse-in-laws, and vast numbers of my mother's friends. My mother is now at her home with hospice care and a schedule of her kids and their spouses who will be with her.

I have limited Internet access, and will certainly not post again for at least a week, unless the truly dire happens. I am now scheduled to be back here in late September/early October for my turn on the care/watch schedule we have developed.

This is an adventure, but one I do not want.

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