Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Blogging WiLS World

I am here in Madison for WiLS World. This is a great opportunity for meeting colleagues. Andrew Pace has just started the keynote. While he is using Power Point, he is not doing "death by Power Point." He is a great speaker, even if he is talking very, very fast.

One of his first screens has as its title:

Library 2.[Gr]0[an]

He described millenials as having an "impatient sense of entitlement." I love that phrase. He also used this quote (whose source I did not catch): "The worst level of Internet serviced that users will accept is the best level of service they have ever seen."

Other points.....
  • In his list of "2.0" techniques his lists ended with: Rinse and repeat.
  • He defined "2.0" as -- Better, faster, cheaper
  • Standards are a lot like toothbrushes: Everyone agrees that they are important to have, but no one wants to use somebody else's.
  • He is showing some great shots of his academic library and the inside of their building....
  • "Era of the traditional integrated library systems is over." Andrew Pace
  • Great lie of the early 21st century is interoperability.
  • Software as a service: how can we get this thing to more people at a cheaper cost.
  • Doesn't have to be perfect, perfect is the enemy of good.
  • Nice demo of Endeca at NCSU [but it was 75 minutes in before he even got there! Good job Andrew!]

His presentation is will be available either later today, or tomorrow. Is now and the second link on this page.

Stay tuned for more.

[Link info updated 3:13 pm after verification by Andrew.]

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