Tuesday, July 31, 2007

ALA Nominating Committee

My friend ALA President-Elect Jim Rettig posted about the ALA Nominating Committee. It is so important that I not only provided the link to his post, but am re-posting the message below:

The ALA 2008 Nominating Committee is soliciting nominees to run on the 2008 spring ballot for Councilor-at-large. The Councilors-at-large will serve three-year terms, beginning after the 2008 ALA Annual Conference and ending at the adjournment of the 2011 Annual Conference. Members who wish to make nominations should submit the followingi nformation: nominee name present position institution address telephone fax and e-mail address. Self-nominations are encouraged. All potential nominees must complete the Potential Candidate Biographical Form. Nominations and forms must be received no later than September 1, 2007. Nominations may be sent to any member of the 2008 Nominating Committee. Committee members are:
W. Lee Hisle, Chair
Vice President of Information Services & Librarian of College
Connecticut College
E-mail: wlhis@conncoll.edu

Nancy Bolt
Nancy Bolt & Associates
Golden, CO
E-mail: nancybolt@earthlink.net

Tyrone Heath Cannon
Library Dean
University of San Francisco
E-mail: cannont@usfca.edu

Jon E. Cawthorne
Associate Dean
San Diego State University

Alma Dawson
Louisiana State University
E-mail: notaed@lsu.edu

Karen E. Downing
Foundation and Grants Librarian
University of Michigan
E-mail: kdown@umich.edu

Loida A. Garcia-Febo
Asst. Coordinator, Special Services
Queens Library, Jamaica, NY
E-mail: loida.garcia-febo@queenslibrary.org

Dale H. Ross
Trustee, Ames [IA] Public Library

Jennifer A. Younger
Edward H. Arnold Director of University Libraries
University of Notre Dame, IN
To encourage diversity and leadership development, the Committee will refrain from nominating current Councilors for election to another term. However, the Committee encourages all current Councilors who wish to continue their service to the Association to file as petition candidates. Petitions will be available from Lois Ann Gregory-Wood, Council Secretariat, ALA, 50 E. Huron, Chicago, IL 60611, Email: lgregory@ala.org, or during the 2008 Midwinter Meeting. Petitions require 25 signatures of current ALA members.
One of the more interesting things about the ALA Nominating Committee is that, in the course of your ALA career, you can only serve ONCE, lifetime, on this committee. It scares me to recognize so many names over the last several years!

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  1. Mmy friend Sue Kamm [mailto:suekamm@mindspring.com] is having problems posting and sent me an email saying: "I find it interesting that a majority of the Nominating Committee are from academia. Only one public librarian, and one trustee."