Wednesday, June 06, 2007

What is Web 2.0?

Andrew Keen has a great article on the seductive nature of Web 2.0 in the Daily Standard. It was actually published some time ago, I noticed as I finally looked at the date. [This is, I guess, the daily on-line version of The Weekly Standard a DC based print and web publication.]

The quote which struck me was these two paragraphs at the end of "page 1."

In his mind, "big media"--the Hollywood studios, the major record labels and international publishing houses--really did represent the enemy. The promised land was user-generated online content. In Marxist terms, the traditional media had become the exploitative "bourgeoisie," and citizen media, those heroic bloggers and podcasters, were the "proletariat."

This outlook is typical of the Web 2.0 movement, which fuses '60s radicalism with the utopian eschatology of digital technology. The ideological outcome may be trouble for all of us.

I think it the "fus[ing] of 60s radicalism with the utopian eschatology of digital technology" which so captivates me. It echoes a phrase I have heard and used in ALA about "unreconstructed 60s radicals."

Thanks to my new Facebook friend Amy Kearns who called my attention to it.

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