Monday, June 18, 2007

How to "fix" ALA

There are a bunch of folks who have ideas on how to "fix" ALA.

One of my favorite blogs is the "Annoyed Librarian." I love the drinking style, but this pseudonymous blogger has some important points to make. In a recent post, s/he says:
There are many political issues the ALA is completely justified in addressing, and there are many library issues that the ALA isn't addressing. There's a lot of room for the ALA to help people and to try to make the world a better place.
The part that strikes at my heart is the "there are many library issues that ... ALA is not addressing." That is why I have voted against so many of the "foreign" resolutions, with the exception (that I remember) of the resolution condemning the egregious destruction of libraries in the Balkans.

Those of involved in ALA are heading to the Nation's Capital this week. (I leave on Thursday morning from the nearest really major metro airport.)

For me, among the joys are those of seeing siblings, a child (I hope), and the general blood family stuff, as well as all of those who have become my family from my activities in ALA. Friday brings the folks at ALTA who "adopted me" when I was their liaison (which I learned to spell in that position). I'll get to see all my Council "bud" and the before and after me members of the EB which has to be some kind of club.

Others who are working to "fix" ALA include Aaron Dobbs and my great friend Karen Schneider.

Aaron was not successful in his most recent run for Council, but he has some great ideas here.

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