Monday, January 29, 2007

New study on diet and exercise

One of my friends (no, I am not mentioning who), told me about this study. It basically tells me that I did it right.

Let me remind you that it is not easy, and based on anecdotes from some friends, my way won't work for everyone.


  1. Michael,
    Your wieght loss and life style changes have inspired me! When you announced early last summer that you were well on your way to your goal of 194, I weighed 200! NO WAY was I going to let my older(by 10 years) bigger (by several inches) brother weigh less than I did!
    So I adopted some of your 'secrets' (lots of water, portion control, and exercise) and have lost 30 lbs since July! My goal is to lose another 20 by the next 'bathing suit season'!
    I, too, feel better overall. It's also a huge ego-boost when people notice and say how great I look!
    Thanks for inspiring me!

  2. Way to go Beth. Keep it up. Holidays and travel can be tough, I'm back up to 200, but I start a new workout regime at the Y on Monday.