Monday, September 11, 2006

Five years ago

So where were you five years ago, and what did you do today?

Early that Tuesday morning, I had taken my year-old Hyundai Elantra car back to the dealership service department over something that had not been done correctly the day before. That's when I heard the news on the television which plays incessantly in the customer waiting area. I had a hard time believing what I saw.

When I got to work, after both towers had been hit, but before they crumbled, we turned on radios, and like so many Americans tried to figure out what was going on. Being as close to New York as we are (60 miles), city offices and schools closed. I had a hard decision: close or stay open. I went with my gut instinct and stayed open. For me, a part was to give school children a place to go while waiting for parents who might or might not be able to leave work. The public library was something of a safe haven.

It was later reflection that I began to realize the other part of why I made that gut decision: I didn't want the terrorists to win. Disrupting normal daily life is the goal of terrorism. By keeping the public library open, I was taking an active stand to not let the terrorists control my life -- and the life of others. It is a decision which I do not regret.

Here we are five years later. Freedoms have been lost. Flying on an airplane nearly requires a strip search of each passenger who can not even carry hand lotion any more.

The Bridgeport Public Library observed the key times of the morning with a bagpiper at the base of the flag pole at our main library. She piped Amazing Grace at each key time. This evening there is a book discussion at the North Branch Library. And we have book displays, of course.

Take a moment and reflect. Remember those who were killed that day.

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