Friday, September 15, 2006

Coaching and mentoring

In this profession it is really important to find a coach and/or mentor. I've been lucky to have several over the years, and I still even look for advice from others.

When I am asked to help a Library School student, I try to help. One such request came this week from Jennifer Macaulay. I don't think I have ever met Jennifer, but she is a student at nearby Southern Connecticut State University, and I have been reading her blog for a bit.

She asked me some questions about management, and then distilled my sometimes rambling answers for her assignment which she posted here.

Thanks for asking Jennifer....and she did let me see what she wrote before she posted. She linked to I have linked back to her.

[Note....September 17, I edited the title when I realized that I really blew it when I typed this on Friday!]

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