Saturday, July 22, 2006

Downsizing and Broadband -- Bragging too soon

Last weekend I bragged about my weight being down to 218. Well, I also celebrated with a couple of drinks. Monday's weight wasn't bad, but by Tuesday, I was struggling to keep it under 225. I feel like 220 is my current barrier. It took discipline most of this week to get back to be regularly close to 220. At this stage, it is turning into hard work. Of course I am about 2/3 of the way to my goal, and with weight loss that is expected.

I also bragged about how I'd have broadband at home. Well, that was what sales promised. The promised that by the end of Saturday, I'd be good to go. Based on that I cancelled the phone line we use exclusively for dial up. (That is why you can call my house and talk to someone even when we are on-line.....and that is another story!) The confirmation phone call came about 36 hours later saying that the live date for DSL would be MONDAY. So, on the phone I go, and the nice folks at my local telco/long distance telco/ISP conglomerate pushed back the cancel date for that phone line. Friday the box of stuff arrived, it sure looks simple to install. Wish me luck on Monday night. (This is definitely not a "before work" project!)

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