Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Broadband coming home

Finally we bit the bullet. With our local telco (Southern New England Telephone, bought by SBC) now merged with ATT, who happened to be our long distance carrier, and the convergence with our dial access provider (ATT Worldnet), we are getting a bundled package of services starting Saturday. I guess I know what I am doing on Saturday! We are dropping our sencond line (theoretically also the fax line) and the cost will be less than what we had been paying. We are lucky enough to live close to a CBO and will be getting the highest speed.

Best of all, we can have more than one machine connected at a time. We'll see how well the wireless router works in the bunker we call home, but that is the theory.

This has become critical with the return of #2 son who, while he is gainfully employed to do something with transmissions at Sikorsky (helicopters) still has not received the first pay check, or the signing bonus. He will be with us for a bit. [One of the good news portions is that his room has now been painted, leaving just one more room for the first treatment.]

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