Thursday, January 05, 2006

New Year's Home Work

Yes, that is home work -- two words. The water heater is nice and photogenic, the attic stairs are not. However, with the help of my son, we removed the old pull-down attic stairs (with the borrowed Milwaukee Sawzall) and put the new one in. The springs on the old one were shot, and the door would not stay closed (creating a huge draft). The old ones were old wood. The new stairs are aluminum treads and stringer, and are rated to 350 pounds.

However...and there is always one, at 7 feet 6 inches, my ceiling heights are not standard. So I had to shorten the metal stairs. Thank goodness my friend Mark Carpenter owns a metal fabrication business, and he (actually his son, Mark Jr.) cut them down. I put them on during my lunch today, and they are perfect! Now to adjust the tension so my wife can pull the stairs down, and shorten the pull cord, and all that will be left is putting the trim back up, some touch up painting.

I guess furnace shopping is next.

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